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Charmaine Betty-Singleton


Bodacious - Beautiful - Bold - Brainy - Brilliant - Broken - Built - Beneficial and Believers.


SWV (Sisters with Vision) - Check out these sisters

You see they were given a mission, a vision, a burning desire to do something different,

and indeed they did. They overcame obstacles, jumped hurdles, moved mountains, stepped

out on faith, and shattered glass ceilings. Oh, what a feeling to have your own large and

in charge with your name on the throne. Of the boardroom that much respect

for these Sisters With Vision. 


When told no, you can't, don't do it; it won't work, give up now, they said, "yes I can,"

"I know it will," "He will provide," "Get out of my way," and shook off all the negativity,

and continued to walk in their destiny.

Now the road was not easy, and their goals did not appear overnight, but these sisters with

vision kept on keeping on, and continued to fight, one step at a time as they steadily

climbed the road to success, prepared for warfare, clothed in their right minds, bible,

briefcase and of course dressed to impress, yes these Sisters With Vision.

They think they can, they know they can; they have achieved, and are definitely in control

with God by their side, Sisters With Vision are blessed and highly favored, an awesome

sight to behold, check out these sisters.

Charmaine Betty-Singleton

Don't look at me and judge me

Because I don't look or talk like you
I am an engineer, doctor, lawyer, nurse, hairdresser, preacher.
Yes, I said preacher and right now I am about to teacha.
That I am Somebody!

You see, I am the head and not the tail,
Above and not below,
I an unique, confident, and debonair.
I am so, so cool, it just ain't fair.
I am Somebody!

I am created in Gods image,
I believe just what He says,
That I am a child of the King,
An heir to the throne,
My Daddy's royalty,
You beta leave me alone.
I am Somebody!

I am a David in the making.
I may appear different, timid and small.
Buh step to me the wrong way,
and my God will make you fall.
I am Somebody!

I am a Deborah for suh.
Talented, gifted, and beautiful
an awesome sight to behold.
Just don't get it twisted about

my appearance,
I am a leader with authority,
A woman definitely in control.
I am Somebody!

I am a king, a queen, a ruler, a leader,
Singer, author, an athlete.
Sit down and recognize that I am blessed and highly favored.
With this you can't compete,
I am Somebody!

I am not boasting or bragging, what I say is the honest truth.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
and can be used by God just like
Sara, Moses, Joseph, and Ruth.
I am Somebody!

So the next time you want to judge me,
and call me out my name,
Just stop and remember we are related, are connected
by the blood, we are not different, we are the same.

My God is your Daddy, He loves both me and you,
confess, believe, and call on Gods name
And He will bless you too.

And because of Gods love, I can and will declare,
I am Somebody! You are Somebody! We are Somebody!
I am Somebody!

Author Unknown


Success is speaking words of praise,

In cheering other people’s ways


In doing just the best you can

With every task and every plan


It’s silence when your speech would hurt

Politeness when your neighbor’s curt


It’s deafness when the scandal flows

And Sympathy with the other’s woes


Its loyalty when duty calls

It’s courage when disaster falls


It’s patience when the hours are long

It’s found in laughter and in song


It’s in the silent time of prayer

In happiness and in despair


In all of life and nothing less

We find this thing we call success.


If you think you’re beaten, you are


If you think you dare not, you don’t


If you like to win but think you can’t

It’s almost sure that you won’t


If you think your losing, you’ve lost


For out in the world we find

Success begins with a person’s will

It’s all in the state of the mind


If you think you’re outclassed, you are


You’ve got to think high to rise

You have to stay with it

In order to win the prize


Life’s battles don't always go

To the one with the better plan

For more often than not you will win

If only you think that you can.

One Love
Charmaine Betty-Singleton

One love, is a feeling burning deep down within

That convicts you to care for another….no matter the skin


Even when the world around you is spinning out of control

One love, helps you be the example and to break the mold….


One love, causes you to help the homeless, mentor to children

and answer the call when someone is crying

It allows you to be the advocate when things are not right, and to stand up,

and prevent someone from dying


Yes, one love is powerful, one love is joy

One love is good for both a girl and a boy


So where does one love come from….where does one start

I tell you what…just look and examine your heart


One love is pure, one love is peace…ahhh, to be honest one love is oh so sweet

When we love one another we get closer, we prosper, we build a better community


Because simply speaking…One love, my love, your love equals UNITY.

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